It has been decided that KPW will be meeting weekly next semester as a collective group. It will be priority that the spaces we meet in are accessible to all students and safe.

All Purchase students and anyone involved with Purchase College is welcome to join the collective and attend meetings.

It is important that as advocates of cultural and social change as well as artistic preservation there is no oppressive attitudes or language expressed or tolerated in the spaces we meet. This means there will be no use ofsexist/misogynistic, transphobic, queerphobic, racist, and ableist attitudes and language. Furthermore, these meetings will be alcohol and drug free to further ensure safety. 

As advocates of weird, we as a collective must make sure we are fostering safe and comforting spaces to inspire and empower.  
Our first priority will be organizing for “stoodapalooza” which “ will be a really big fair to promote purchase culture…that is separate from the official club fair, which is run by cocoas. That club fair has a table for every club on campus and people just pick up pamphlets and stuff. The stood fair will only feature a handful of clubs in a more participatory way, through performances and stuff” (Megan Manowitz, stood coordinator for 2013) to boost promotion! 

Our next initiative will be to take back the co-op!  

Ideas about initiatives you’d like to see go down this year with KPW can be posted in the KPW ask or on our facebook page, or anywhere you can get your hands on. 

"So I decided we’re getting a space for the co-op back.

It’s bullshit that the administration kicked us out for “violations”, and didn’t give us a chance to amend them. It’s bullshit that the school whitewashed the history off of the walls, and put us into The Stood. “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind” is probably their mentality, as the school attempts to draft the most normal group of incoming freshman yet by hiding their awesome and unique past. For that matter, how long until they close The Stood down??? Time is ticking. I’m fucking serious. Who’s with me?

We deserve the space as much as our Purchase elders. The SUNY Purchase Food Co-Op was a place where people could meet in a quiet, intellectual context, one wholly different from the stood. There, you could buy food that wasn’t processed Chartwells garbage, see a quiet acoustic show without skateboarders, math rock and hip hop ruining the silence. It was an integral way for freshman to get involved and become a part of the campus community without having to trek miles through construction. And now it is office spaces. I WILL be meeting with the President about this, because once it is forgotten, it will never be reclaimed. The Stood is not the proper home for a locale as sensitive as this one, and I refuse to see the administration sit idly by while another office is erected, with nary a care towards the students who make the college what it is. You can have 500 offices, but nothing will run efficiently if the creative minds that are fueled by inventive and safe spaces like the Co-Op wither away.”
- Raymond Chalme 

A video put together summing up the events that took place yesterday! Thanks for everyone being there and helping out!


1. Start a club

Fortunately, we have PSGA resources to help you do this! Creating a club creates and helps you organize culture…and you can get funding! For instance, if I wanted to make Keep Purch Weird a club (a great consideration) I would go through these steps. 

Essentially, you need to contact cocoas, get 100 signatures, and draft various proposals which regards what your club will be doing. 

2. Plan an event 

This can be done in several ways (legally and not so legally.) There have been numerous shows planned in suites in the dorms this semester as well as several apartment and outdoor shows. Abiding by quiet hours will help your event or show to continue to run! Technically, you’re not aloud any amplified sound in the dorms/apartments but if you’re smart with the time and the place of the event, you can get around it. (FOLLOW QUIET HOUR RULES, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHEN UPD PATROLS THE APARTMENTS, ETC.) 

It’s also very simple to plan an event in the stood. Just contact the acting student activities coordinator, which is now Stephanie Blum, but next year will be Kathryn Wilson. For other places on campus, you have to contact the building manager. 

3. Run for senate 

If you have strong visions for this school, you should make your voice heard. Join senate. Run shit. Get it done yourself. Don’t wait for other people to do it. 

4. If you aren’t in charge, tell people in charge what you want

Do you have a band suggestion for culture shock or fall fest? Write in the group or talk to Raymond Chalme. Do you have an idea for an event? Plan it or contact the GPC (David Grimaldi.) Do you have a problem with something going on? Do you want the school colors to change back to Heliotrope and Puce? Make a petition and call Ernie Palmieri. Essentially, CONTACT SOMEONE WHO IS IN CHARGE OR RUN IN THE PSGA AND BE IN CHARGE. There is no possible way things are going to change, or be weird, unless the student gets involved! Demand your voice be heard. Demand weird.